A players score average is calculated from the 2 plays in tournaments. By taking part in more tournaments, a players average can either decrease or improve with practice.

Unfortunately not, once that 60 second timer begins the player must complete their turn in the allotted time regardless of any circumstances. With that being said, HAVE FUN and BE CAREFUL!

That player can be replaced with a new member as long as the new member is updated on the Leaderboard website. For a fair and equal game it is required there are 8 players in one team.

Yes, as long as it is before the registration deadline.

Yes! The player has the freedom to choose what ball they would like to use during their turn and can either kick or throw based on preference and skill ability. Although players have the freedom to choose their ‘player weapon’, we do provide a size 1 official match ball with Street Snooker Quickstart purchases which are also available on the shop.

No, other players are not allowed to aid the active player. This means no help in retrieving the ball or help with spinning the wheel to speed the process up!

If you believe that a member of your team requires a slight rule change to keep the tournament fair, don’t hesitate to contact us at Email: info@pi-leaderboard.co.uk

Definitely not. Each team member has the freedom to take their turn with whatever method they prefer. If they want to switch between kicking or throwing between their player attempts they are free to do so.

Yes, a team can be made up of players of different age groups or generally made up of students in the same year group if a school team.

Street Snooker is an all inclusive game that can be played by all genders and we encourage teams to be made up of mixed genders, however it is not deemed necessary.