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  • Street Snooker games MUST abide by the correct ground markings positions and measurements to ensure data collection is fair and accurate. See our ‘HOW TO’ page for a PDF of the correct layout.
    Leaderboard Rules

  • Players have a min and max of 2 attempts.
  • Each player MUST start on the red circle to begin their turn.   Leaderboard Rules

  • 60 seconds to score as many points as possible. Timer cannot be stopped and continued mid play.
  • The trusted administrator will be responsible for starting the timer and shouting out go when they have pressed the start button.   Leaderboard Rules

  • The wheel must spin around once fully before it can be stopped to determine where the player must run to take their next shot.
  • The active player is the only player allowed to touch the wheel or ball during their turn. There is no aiding each other in ball retrieval or spinning the wheel for them to save time.
  • It is recommended that every team member takes their first attempt before beginning the second round of attempts.
  • The trusted administrator is responsible for starting the timer and inputting the scores onto the scoreboard.
  • When the 60 second timer sounds, regardless of where the player is, or the ball is (in the air or about to be thrown) that is the end of the turn, and no further points can be scored.   Leaderboard Rules

  • If a player forgets to spin the wheel between one of their shots, the points for that shot are not counted towards the total and the player must go and spin the wheel.
  • If a player takes a shot from the incorrect spot the score is also not counted until the shot is taken from the correct spot.
  • A player is not allowed to change their ball mid turn. The ball that starts the turn is the ball that must be used for the full 60 seconds. They can however change their method mid turn or the player can decide to change ball for the second attempt.